Great Big Who? + Christina Aguilera …Ramble

If you were watching The American Music Awards last night and were surprised by Christina Aguilera’s stunning performance, there is a good chance you were wondering who exactly is A Great Big World? In a world where Brits like Aqualung and Gary Go have given the world beautiful ballads on a piano and then gone back to their homeland, it’s nice to see an American duo, who put out an EP using Kickstarter for funding, garner attention.

After some nice TV syncs including a feature on ‘Glee’ of their song ‘This Is The New Year’ (hello they opened for Matthew Morrison on tour, so how awesome is that coming together?) , A Great Big World signed a deal with Epic Records, part of the Sony Music family. Christina is signed to the Sony’s label RCA, heard their song ‘Say Something’ and re-recorded the song with them. After performing ‘Say Something’ on The Voice, the digital single went straight to number one.

The great thing about this collaboration, is getting ‘back to basics’ (okay Xtina fans you are with me there & that was intentional) with Christina Aguilera being stripped down with her make-up, her attire and her voice not being hidden by dance beats and Pitbull. Miley, please take note here, when you have a magnificent power ballad, you don’t need to mock the whole thing with a lip-syncing cat.

If you haven’t listened to ‘Say Something’ do yourself a favor, and do so now:

This song is so perfect it breaks my heart.


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