Katy Perry Getting Dark & Sexy…Ramble

I’ve been upfront that Katy Perry has never been my number one pop diva. However, a good song is not to be denied and I love how Katy is evolving. She has grown on me more and more over her career. Even when I wasn’t a slam dunk Katy fan, I had to admit and even buy some of her singles that were completely addictive. Hey, shut up and put your money where your mouth is haters (oh ha ha ha a Katy lyric reference!) because I certainly do. I love that Katy has taken managed to sneak up on me and oust the place in my playlist reserved for all things Lady Gaga. Oh, please, I live for the applause, but I do not live for rehashed Madonna songs two albums in a row!

What I like about Katy’s new single “Dark Horse” from PRISM is how empowered she is and let’s her lover know that once she’s got him, she doesn’t let go. How much do we love fourth quarter music releases in 2013? POP DOMINATION!!!!!!!





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