Coldplaying Music Monday…Ramble

The week is off with trouble afoot in D.C. Oh my, where do we turn to? This world is so full of unrest, I’ll take a little musical break to keep my mind in a positive space.

I’m liking this remix of Coldplay’s “Atlas”, which I had high hopes for, but found myself, while liking it as a set-up track, longing for a remix. Therefore I thank you Soundcloud! Take your pick:

Chill “Dubstep” version:

Progressive House – yet still chill:

Dance your pants off:

The first and last are my favorite remixes of this bunch. I’m all about a remix.

Since this is the first track off the soundtrack for ‘Catching Fire’, a quick commentary on the books vs. films. I loved reading the entire The Hunger Games Trilogy, and even delayed starting to read the final book for two weeks because I didn’t want it to end. However, when it came to the film version, there was way too much steady-cam for me. While I love the music (good job former team at Republic) for the soundtrack, I will probably skip watching the films and re-read the books. I have been revisiting old book friends lately, despite having over 100 new books (thank you Book Expo & RWA 13), in my home that are begging for attention. However, just like your favorite songs, sometimes your favorite books are the comfort you need in this crazy world.

Happy Monday and happy Coldplaying! xx



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