Jennifer Aniston + Brit Reporter= Charming…Ramble

Jennifer Aniston shows us how a truly successful person is able to deal with anything thrown at them in an interview. It has to be refreshing for her being on a world press tour for “We’re The Millers” to get a few different questions thrown in she hasn’t answered 450 times in a row. As an interviewer, I appreciate that Chris Stark’s efforts.

It helps that the interviewer is a charming Brit named Chris Stark who uses his awkward sweetness to win her over — this also shows the power of accents because I think if an American frat boy were to call himself a ‘pig in a wig’ it would not be quite as palatable.

One note to Stark – I love the ‘who is on your list’ question but yeah, there was an episode of ‘Friends’ where Ross had Isabella Rosselini on his celebrity list. Rachel tells him to go for it, full well knowing there’s no way Ross could ever pull her. Isabella asks to see the list, which Ross has had laminated (!) and guess what? She is no longer on it. She gets insulted and leaves. Oh bummer he is left with Rach.


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