5 Types of French Bulldogs I’m Obsessing Over on Instagram…Ramble

Hey – Buzzfeed isn’t the only one who likes Frenchies. I clearly LOVE them especially Elle! These are my wonderful Frenchie Brethren I just j’adore:

1. Breeders: while @sensationalbulldogs was the ultimate choice for Manny The Frenchie’s new bro Frank (really this name is terrible for a Frenchie. It’s neither French or clever and not cute enough for the adorable Blue baby! that’s why they don’t get a link!), my favorite breeder is @dakkydak‘s Bonsai Kennels. I like the vibe of Dak and his crew, who seem like they know how to enjoy San Diego and really, really care about the pups. Recently a 4 month old pup died and now Bonsai Kennels is doing a fundraiser for the couple’s hospital bills.

2. Frenchie + Cute Kid= @MiffySpiffy
Mom Celine has been on Instagram since she was first pregnant with now toddler Amber, documenting the adventures of fawn colored Plato. These two have so much fun and it’s amazing to see Amber grow and Plato’s patience as she tries to pull his ears off of his head!
3. Named after a food: Mr. Bobobear
Seriously? I just dare you to try not loving this little pied black and white batpig! Leader of the Frenchie In A Swing Movement (oh yeah, we Frenchie lovers are serious about fun!), I can’t get enough wondering what he’ll do next!
Tora & Meatball (see yes good names for Frenchies are things like Meatball & our little friend in DUMBO Gerkin, even Pickles down the street is our fave English bullie’s name but Frank? no. What a missed opportunity Manny’s parents. Seriously!) are patriotic, playful and they actually sit together while their humans dress them up.
Over in Finland (I love having Frenchie friends all over the globe!) Willem & Freek are an adorable pair of brindle black, brown and white Frenchies. Freek just turned one and, despite his young age, he has no fear when it comes to competing with Willem for toys!
Tofu and Shay (see, good names!) are more California Frenchies. They just posted their first “selfie” and it’s too cute. Of course, these Cali kids like to travel and have a daily website which offers great advice, recipes and you can buy cool stuff with proceeds going to charity.
There are so many others including @DumplingDuo and we love you all.
5. Joyful Japanese– okay, it’s really my dream to have a private jet full of Frenchies fly over to Japan on a Frenchie clothing shopping spree. So far I have Mr. Bobabear on board trying to use his powers wearing his Sorcerer Mickey hat…come on eclectic billionaire, decide this is a good thing and make it happen cause Kickstarter may not be supportive! Anyway I am inspired by many of the Japanese cuties so it’s hard to pick faves but kindly check out adorable @Potix who’s parents just had twins. How cute will it be see this little fawn Frenchie named Lotta with two kids? @Frangipaniwhite -just based on the name alone you have to follow her. And seriously @bull8 not only has multiple Frenchies, but also they seem to have their own clothing line and they dress up their Frenchies all the time. It’s wonderful.
You know I really can’t stop, but I also love some curators like @TheDailyFrenchie & @BatpigandMe so if you can’t get enough, they seek out the cutest Frenchies for you. xx
And, now you want one but you’re all sad thinking you can’t afford one, why not adopt from @FrenchBulldogRescueNetwork?
 Don’t lift this article Buzzfeed! Unless, of course you want to feature the amazing tiny butterball Elle! Here we are celebrating Bastille Day Frenchie Style in Brooklyn with Matt *human, Bruce Springsteen (look how long his torso is in comparison to Elle’s!), Liana *human and Luna!

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