My Current Reads…Ramble

There’s nothing more perfect than finding a nook and a blanket to snuggle up in with a great book on a stormy day. Better yet you can lay a towel down on your couch, but on your bathers and pretend you are reading on a beach- the point is reading is one of the greatest forms of entertainment since the first book was written. 

I’ve made a pact with myself to read the books that I’ve bought which have thus far been unread before I run out and grab any new ones. It’s a revolution I tell you and I almost jumped for joy with my ‘inner goddess’ (ugh! I never wanted to take a Sharpie to black out words prior to this!) when I realized I had finally reached the last page of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, a book I started reading at the insistence of a friend who’d read it multiple times. Ok, fine, I’ll read it and see what the fuss is about and there wasn’t anything to fuss about until one hundred pages in and by then I had already been subjected to the ‘Inner Goddess’ nonsense I had to go off and read other books. I did this several times and now look at me, because of the pact 8 months later I am FREE! Hurrah, joy, jump, laugh be free of the ‘rapey’ like thug Christian whipping her with a belt. Of course, I know, it’s a trilogy but I am happy my pact is working because I’m discovering a whole bunch of really great books I already had but not made the time to read.

Right now I’m reading Emma Donoghue’s ‘Slammerkin’ and it’s highly entertaining, set in the 1700’s in London when our young lady, Mary Saunders becomes a street walker. Now, yesterday my mother and I were watching an episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ (Season 3), where Ethel, former maid turned prostitute (‘Oh my, that’s not a word you hear in this house very often’- you are right Mrs. Hughes, not often!) decides to pack off her child and give him to his less than gracious grandfather and grandmother to raise while she ‘takes the road to ruin’. My mom then raised the point they live in a small village so would there be so many women like that? I mean, apparently enough that Mrs. Crawley has a room full of them she is single-handed saving! Oh my. 

Back to the books, here are some recent releases I have consumed:

1) Liza Palmer’s “Nowhere But Home”- yes, Liza is one of my favorite ‘chick’ lit authors. She keeps getting better and her characters are so relate able I can see myself being friends with them in real life. This one is set in Texas and is a perfect spring/summer read so get it now! (HEART!)

2) Gwyneth Paltrow’s “It’s All Good” cook book has been keeping me quite deliciously occupied in the kitchen! I love the anecdotes. Favorites so far: The vegetarian version of the turkey chili, Best Green Juice, Almond & Kale Smoothie, Bummer Bars, Bernado’s Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, Cleo’s Afternoon Smoothie… okay you get the idea. I also loved the Beet, Apple & Fennel soup. Yum. This is a fun read while you are cooking and I even learned how to make a poached egg, which is not something my mother ever made. (KITCHEN)

3) Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”- this one is for career girls who should be leaders at the table but are in the door, head down, letting men run the show. It’s not time to lean back it’s time to be more forceful, put your empowerment to use and take what’s your’s. Sandberg gives an honest look back at her career and how she herself has to change her own habits in her career. (CAREER) 

4. John Green “An Abundance of Katherine’s” is a must for those who like teen drama. Our hero is looking for his ‘ah-ha’ moment of brilliance. He must hurry and recover from being dumped by his 19th girlfriend named Katherine because the clock is ticking on his child genius status. This was love able from the get-go. A nerdy math kid who is a hopeless romantic and just wants to be loved!? Get it, read it, and enjoy. You’re welcome. (SWEET AND FUNNY)

A recent bad date had a very good suggestion which is next in my queue “Motherless Brooklyn” which just goes to show there is redemption in the written word. 


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