The Bling Ring Got Off Easy…Ramble

Five years ago I lived in West Hollywood just behind the Standard Hotel. Oh my South of Sunset by half a block! Well my dear readers half a block wasn’t going to save me from the heinous sounds of swarming helicopters as Paris Hilton was carted off to jail. The helicopters got there in the middle of the night and when I went outside in the morning (which felt like being under attack, one of the things I least liked about living in LA are the sound of helicopters chasing criminals!), I easily counted TEN coptors circling, looking like they were going to collide they seemed so close to one another. It was all for Paris Hilton, world’s most ridiculous party girl. 

Neighbors petitioned to have her tossed from the neighborhood and were successful. The heiress’ moment in the slammer only served to increase her reign of a pop culture person of note and fascination for young, impressionable teens. The upcoming film “Bling Ring” directed & written by Sophia Coppola about a group of teens who wanted to be just like Paris who then decided to break into her house and rob her to achieve her lifestyle has just been premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Ironically enough, one of the real life culprits, Alexis Neirs was in the middle of filming a reality show for E! at the time she was arrested. I mean, she wanted to be like Hilton: arrests (check), jail time (check), drug use (check), Reality TV show (check), model (check) and now Neirs is married to a guy she met in Mexican rehab and they have a baby born April 30 of this year! Girl, you got yourself a Paris Hilton life after all! 

The trailer for ‘Bling Ring’ showcases Emma Watson, who’s character is loosely based on Neirs. If anything it shows the amount of delusional that fame and Reality TV has helped create- that Paris was so familiar, that ‘seemingly’ overnight you could have and deserve designer goods no matter how you obtained them and that there really was nothing wrong with it because somehow, it was owed to you?!

I personally feel like this is a sickness of ‘want’ and feeling entitled to things not earned can lead down a very dangerous and horrible path, one that on the East Coast turned into violence at the Boston Marathon. What a person has or doesn’t have, how they go about interpretting what they should have- what other people should have- and how they might punish those who do have money. You might disagree but it has driven people over the edge and whatever you want to think, The Recession hasn’t been resolved. The darkest parts and needs of those just trying to survive from one day to the next, just trying to find their place in the world can really lead a person who is broken repeatedly into unspeakable thoughts and actions. I live in Brooklyn so I feel and see and experience the dischord on a daily basis even in my classy neighbourhood. (Sorry Hipsters Wannabes, the illusion of ‘GIRLS’ doesn’t showcase how this is NY and there is violence lurking, don’t court it by walking around fueled by cocaine in a see-through top). 

To me, the violation of stealing people’s things is an act of the most personal kind of terrorism. I had a very ill father who passed away last year. While he was alive the various medical aides used to steal from my parents’ home. It made us trapped because we needed their help to have my father live with some decency and they would easily just disappear or not show up so it was impossible to prove what they stole when it was taken. It would be random items like a good pot or nice dishware, so I can easily understand how Paris Hilton didn’t immediately notice things were missing. She is a busy person who travels constantly, I’m sure she is frequently in and out of her home going from one engagement to the next. 

Reading the press quotes surrounding it, the movie has forced Paris Hilton to face the trauma of what happened as her home was violated multiple times and included the loss of family heirloom jewelery valued in the $2 million dollar arena. I can finally relate to Paris Hilton, but not for being this object to emulate or befriend. I think the group of teens got off quite easy for what they did and they should count their lucky stars.



2 thoughts on “The Bling Ring Got Off Easy…Ramble

  1. When you’re sitting in Paris Hilton’s living room, plenty of things catch your attention. The half-dozen dogs, three Munchkin cats (bred to have absurdly miniature legs), and one 150-pound pot-bellied pig sashaying around the backyard pool. The Pepto-Bismol-pink Maserati in the driveway, next to the powder-blue Maserati. The throw pillows emblazoned with pictures of her famous face. The two gigantic nudes of herself on opposing walls, displayed above gold-trimmed couches.

  2. Even though by August 2009 Lee had moved into her father’s place in Las Vegas, she felt compelled to return to California for yet another burglary, the target being Lindsay Lohan , who was apparently Lee’s “ultimate fashion icon” and “biggest conquest”. On the 23rd, Lee, Prugo, and Tamayo allegedly stole around $130,000 worth of clothes and jewelry from Lohan’s home in Hollywood Hills. According to Prugo, Tamayo and Lee were “freaking out” over Lohan’s things. By that time, they were well-publicized criminals at large, and Prugo was especially worried about the burglary, knowing that if they were captured by surveillance cameras stealing from the star’s home, the footage would be widely seen.

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