Faceoff: Girl (Ke$ha) vs. Boys (One Direction)…Ramble

I love pop music. Have I said that enough? I’ve already blogged about my love of boy bands. Yesterday that got me some accolades on Twitter. 

I’m lucky I’ve programmed pop music and got paid for it. Pretty great. Since I don’t do that anymore, I couldn’t resist posting my latest favorite pairing of Ke$ha who wants us to “live like we’re gonna die young” vs. boy banders One Direction who want to “live while we’re young”.


Ke$ha: I hear your heart beat like the beat of a drum and it really makes me want to punch someone. Oh wait, no the latter half is just the broken jukebox in my head having fun. 

One Direction: Let’s go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun, I know we only just met but let’s pretend it’s love. 

Winner: One Direction. It’s more positive to say we’re going to live then we’re going to die. Ke$ha has a fun, addictive song but that part about dying has struck a bad chord for parents which made the second single “C’mon” come out before I was even over my addiction for it. Fortunately for me I get to hear both these songs separately in different spin classes. 


Ke$ha is bumming that the object of her affection came to the club with someone else. She wants him to make the most while he’s in her arms with that magic in his pants. Um, if my date starting grinding up another girl he might just die young! 

One Direction also want to rush into things but it’s all okay cause you’ll be pretending it’s love so you can all “get some.” Oh, get some really isn’t innuendo is it? Not even thinly veiled but probably overlooked because the beats are so upbeat behind it. 

Winner: Ke$ha. She isn’t afraid to offer up instructions and show her date the wild side. She is better at being tantalizing, while the guys strategy is to let go of any inhibitions by faking Hallmark card love. Teenage girls fall hard so that seems like a recipe for diaster (refer to Taylor Swift albums, oh wait One D doesn’t care see Harry party pics post fake up, uh break up). 


Ke$ha: pentagrams, scantily clad boys and girls touching her, close-ups of her mouth (what an odd lipstick color, just doesn’t work), lasers and federales with some dancing thrown in make for a lackluster video vs. her amazing “Blow” featuring Van der Beek, dancers in unicorn heads and a laser fight to the death.

One Direction bounce around mostly with each other flinging arms, popping their heads out of tents, and laughing all the way. Never, at any point, do any of them pair off with a cute girl keeping it all good, clean fun with some harmless wet t-shirts and bro’ing down.

Winner: One Direction and I know you agree since ‘Live While We’re Young’ has almost 160 million views on VEVO vs. Ke$ha has 60 million. 


Overall Winner: POP FANS! Okay, One Direction too. 



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