It’s  the middle of January on a Monday. You made some resolutions, some promises to yourself but have you already fallen off the band wagon and given up? 

I was talking to a friend last week about how I have to recommit every week and she responded “Every week? Try every day.” That’s right every day. Her commitment is to defining what she wants from a job and finding a new one. Mine is about staying on track with my health, changing up my workouts and losing that last bit of weight that I didn’t get rid of last year. 

It’s been fourteen months since I starting juicing and working out 5-6 days a week. That means if I don’t stay committed it can be easy to do the same things over and over. I knew I was falling into that trap this past November when I wound up taking 5 spin classes in a week. Old ankle, knee and wrist injuries sometimes come into play knocking me out of weight training but five spin classes? Oh no, even with different teachers, that isn’t enough of a change for my body so I added running back in and kicked that weight plateau in the face.

Here are some other tips to fighting through the winter blues and staying on course with your new projects whatever they may be:

  • Schedule time on your calendar – yeah there’s something about seeing it in writing on your device that is motivating, add reminders for an hour before you are going to attack your project. 
  • Shake it up by buying reading some new magazines, research, or blogs (limit the computer searching time to an hour don’t let it take you away from your original point of research) for new ideas. I love Pininterest for inspiration when I have a home project and reading 
  • Listen to some old favorites. Remember that favorite band of your’s that you haven’t actually listened to in a year or two? Dig out some of your all time ‘old school’ favorites. Reconnect with the music that speaks to you emotionally, not the one hit wonders you are addicted to right now, but go back to what motivates and evokes you to move, to think, to feel from five years ago. Are you the same person? Probably not, but that musical memory will put you in a good headspace and you’ll be smiling afterwards. 
  • Try going somewhere new or some place you have passed by and made a mental note to get to because it looks interesting but you just haven’t made the time to do it.
  • Get out and take a walk, walk walk, oh ay oh, opps sorry I love that Passion Pit song. But taking a walk is a great way to clear your head and it lowers stress. 
  • Say yes to something you normally wouldn’t like minding a friend’s beloved dog. That will help you putting someone else’s needs above your own which always shakes up perspective.
  • Pick a buddy to keep you accountable and schedule a time to go over the progress you’ve made. If your goal is writing, you might want to join a writer’s group or schedule time with a friend where you are both writing to keep you on track.

Life doesn’t get easier, but when you put in the effort new doors can open and new ideas can ignite. Good luck in keeping your promises to yourself! 


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