Book Suggestions for Gifts This Holiday Season…Ramble

As Christmas and the holiday season is upon us, the gifting has commenced! If you shopped like millions of Americans on Black Friday yesterday, then got home, realized you hitting the book store was the last thing you wanted to do and half the stuff you bought is of no use to anyone, well it’s time to buy, buy again. Here are some great books for your holiday gifting:

Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures by Emma Straub is about the life of a small town Midwest girl who gets into the Hollywood Machine in her early 20’s driven by the loss of her sister. Taking place in the 1940’s-60’s it is an interesting tale which will draw the reader in whether you are 15 or 55. I really had to stop myself from finishing the last fifty or sixty pages because I didn’t want my time with Ms. Lamont to be finished. 

I picked up this gem when Emma had a co-book signing event with the ever amazing, Molly Ringwald, who is just as cool as you thought she’d be and then some. Molly’s book When It Happens To You is also a great read especially for fans who are literary lovers. Her intelligent insights to human behaviour facing everyday challenges of life and betrayal are so vivid I wondered if she knew all these people in real life. 

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns by Margaret Dilloway was one of my favorite suprise reads of the year. Her main character, Gal Garner is so different than most  women’s fiction works. Gal isn’t on a man hunt, oh no, she wants something bigger- to breed a new and original type of rose. I learned so much in the most fascinating way about rose breeding through Gal’s voice. A wonderful story that is far from typical fare. 

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin is now in paperback. Snap this one up for the Downton Abbey fan you know immediately. I read online there is a potential movie for Downton which will depict the evolution of Robert & Cora Crawley (aka the parents!). I say, why wait? Scoop up The American Heiress now which cannot be too far off since it is about that exact subject- a rich American who is married off for a title to pump some much needed money back into an English estate. 

For Your Best Friend:
50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. What? I know how much I’ve complained about my struggle to get through this book. In fact I’ve 7 books while trying to get through 50 Shades, however, my friend who insisted I read it says you can’t read ‘high brow’ all the time. And yesterday I was discussing it with another friend, also a working mother, who has read the series 9 times.

Caveat: I’m still trying to get through the first book which I want to read with a Sharpie to vehemently cross out the words “inner goddess” which would never come out of a 21 year old’s subconscious on a regular basis. Another friend found the sex closer to forced than on the consensual side of on the border.

Teens: So, you’re teen likes series? If they haven’t already tried the Switched novels  by Amanda Hocking, it’s time to be the cool relative and call this one…. a wrap. Bwahaha. 

Happy Holidays!!!!!


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