Crush of the Week: Suffragettes….Ramble

Recently a potential romantic lead in my life told me he doesn’t believe in voting. Hello crush killer alert! Yesterday I saw on Twitter that New York Times best selling author, Allison Winn Scott tweeted “I really cannot understand why someone would choose not to vote. What a gift we’re given of democracy. Too bad some are so complacent.”

Of course, just like with anything on the Internet, there were immediate naysayers crapping on* (from time to time Australian phrases remind me I’m half their’s!) about the lameness of the electorial college. Yes, we all know that there are issues with the voting polls, the rigging, the fact your vote is an ‘advisement’ for your local rep to cast the state electoral college votes and, if they don’t agree they can vote for another candidate. We also know that rarely, if ever, happens because elected officials want to be elected again. 

Don’t forget ladies Suffragettes fought hard for our right to be in equal in this matter with men and able to vote. It’s one of the only areas of life- voting, that is, in theory, actually equal. I’m not going to even get into Romney’s “binders full of women” which sounds like how witches were rounded up and burned at the stake once upon a time in his state no less. We – women, we have the right to vote so use it. Do what you have to do and make ladies like Susan B. Anthony sing from along with you after you do just as they did in Mary Poppins “well done!” 



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