Great Cause: Anti-Bullying

I think most of us has been through some kind of bullying- mild or otherwise in this life. It happens to kids but it also happens at work– and don’t try to deny it. Standing up for one’s self can come at great cost so here’s a way to support an anti-bullying cause at very little cost and you get a great book out of it to enjoy. See the details below:

This is a lovely book and perfect for Fall or Holiday gift giving for the book lover on your list. Today only, we’re donating money to “I Choose” Anti-bullying organization for those who buy The Salt God’s Daughter by Ilie Ruby. This book was inspired by 17 young women who were bullied enough to take their own lives. It’s a tragedy that this happens. I hope you’ll take a moment and support this campaign – buy the book, read it, give it as a gift, it’s a beautiful and magical novel about the love between mothers and daughters, sisters, and how we can survive and be resilient amidst adversity. I hope you’ll support us today and stand up against bullying! If you are able to buy and send your receipt to (or simply email me and let me know!), we’re donating a portion of the sales to I Choose!  Thank you!!


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