Congrats to Blake & Ryan from TLI?…Ramble

Envision this- a bright beautiful sunny Sunday on a rooftop in Downtown Manhattan, with friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of a fabulous author. Banter ensues. Liberal issues are raised and gin lemonade flows plentiful. 

Me: I watched “Green Lantern” yesterday.

Party Guest 1: Why?

Me: In celebration of Blake & Ryan’s wedding.

Party Guest 2: Really?

Me: Yes, but I spent most of the movie being distracted and wondering if the casting agent really believed an audience could swallow that Blake & Ryan’s characters grew up together. They are ten years apart in age in real life and the guy who played the third wheel nerdy science troll seems to be closing in on 50.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way…. is anyone else excited to also realize Blake & Ryan both made cameos in videos for The Lonely Island?! Ladies first:

I Just Had Sex with Akon, wait no that’s not riiiight

I Threw It On The Ground:


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