Crush (FAIL) of The Week : Jeremy Renner…Ramble

I have REALLY, REALLY tried to like Jeremy Renner. He seems like a decent human. He was incredible in “The Town” with Ben Affleck. I actually met him briefly at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room (insert laughter at the name here I giggle every time I think it) at a Florence + The Machine release party hosted by some fashion mag. He was incredibly nice. 

Jeremy has had a rough year on a personal level. His beloved French bulldog puppy died of a heart attack at only six months old. That devastation is just unthinkable to me and my heart goes out to him. Then there was the fight in Manila while he was filming “The Bourne Legacy” where a companion of his somehow managed to get AXE (!@#!@#!) wounds after fighting with bar staff. Renner was already gone but is that what anyone remembers? No, they recall there was a fight and Renner’s name. 

Renner’s professional career has been skyrocketing during all of this turmoil. He was given the keys to the castle on “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and “The Bourne Legacy”. I thought he was decent in MI, but I went to see “The Bourne Legacy” on Monday and it pains me to say Renner’s character Aaron Cross is no replacement for Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne. The filmmakers tried to put in way too much backstory and not enough action. The opening scene was a huge snore and action sequences are few and far between. I understand this is a “set-up-pass-the-baton” movie but man was it painful. 

Jeremy is almost too normal for this role. I don’t know if it’s the writing, but there was a severe lack of kicking ass or a sense that Aaron Cross was dangerous, he seemed more unbalanced on a mental level, then highly intelligent processing the way Jason Bourne would just hear something and act on it, Cross hears, questions aloud and fills with chatter. 

The other issue I had was the casting of Rachel Weisz. I think she is a great actress and I can’t wait to see her in the upcoming “Oz” as the evil witch (funny does anyone remember her posing in Disney ads as Snow White and looking perfect in that role? Awesome.) Anyway Rachel’s American accent is always laughable to me (sorry Rach, it is so distracting, don’t know why they couldn’t keep your lush Brit accent for this one.) It is also bizarre casting since she is Mrs. James Bond, a role that her hubbie Daniel Craig’s version is so similiar to Jason Bourne-type action it drove me to distraction except she has a very killer move at the end of the movie (if you can stick with it) that made me applaud her. 

So Jeremy Renner, I really wanted to crush on you especially after Elle’s new vet could not stop gushing about how I would have a smile from ear-to-ear for the entire film, but man where there is meant to be depth you seem vacant. I know you are a good guy but maybe you are not leading man action hero guy. I want to give you a hug, not be saved by you. Here’s to hoping the franchise can be …wait for it…wait for it…Bourne again. Ohhhhh no, oh yes I had to go cheese. 


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