Call Me CRAZY!!!!!!….Ramble

I love a really good pop song so the first time I heard “Call Me Maybe” I loved the set up with the ripped jeans. It sort of reminded me of when I first heard Miley Cyrus’ “See You Again”. Love, love an addictive pop song. And, this has been everywhere so that it’s beaten you over the head, you hated it, then you loved it again because you just gave in the impossibility of not hearing this song everywhere you’ve been since May. 

It was with utter shock that my friend who works in TV and is one of the most tapped in pop culture junkies in my life told me he has NEVER heard “Call Me Maybe” even once. WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! So here’s my version of the lyrics for him:

Hey, I thought I knew you, 
You’re in show biz, 
You’ve never heard this song

That is Batshit-CRRRRRAAAAZY! 
So watch the video you’ll like it maybe! 


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