Meeting The Manzos…Ramble

I had the supreme pleasure of being at a private book signing for Andy Cohen’s book “Most Talkative” thrown by TV Guide a few days ago. For a Bravo addict, this party did not disappoint. There were Bravolebrities everywhere and I got to talk to all but two. 

It was great to chat with Lauren Manzo who is looking freaking killer about her weight loss. Keep going Lauren you halfway there. Even cooler though, was getting to speak with Mama Manzo, Caroline. It is always interesting to see how Bravo presents one side and then we learn more of the details. Teresa might be fun to watch on TV but would you really want to deal with a friend like that?  I had to give Jacqueline a hug. She is the sweetest person in actual real life too. Image

 Team Manzo was so nice. They arrived to the event early and ready to support. They were leaving so they could get to Kathy’s daughter’s graduation party. How cute are they?



2 thoughts on “Meeting The Manzos…Ramble

  1. I have to say, I have never watched this until Brittany came home and forced me to. I agree the Manzos are awesome. I love Caroline so much, she seems real and almost unaffected by the cameras and fame. But, Jaqulene reads a little too camera ready for me. Her reaction with the news of her daughter coming home seemed so staged. And Theresa is so clueless. Her and her husband’s mantra of lets put it behind us and forget it is dangerous. She needs to learn from her past mistakes regarding her finances, her relationships and the way she has acted. But, I am so glad you had so much fun. And that blue (feather print?) dress looks great! I hope you got to tell Andy your view on the tacky club house.

    1. Hey B,
      As a long time viewer, you’d see from the first season, that Jacqueline is actually a little sweetiepie who believes the best in everyone. She raised that daughter who is totally a pain in the ass pretty much on her own. Her daughter has put her through a lot, I think she’s just trying to hold it together which is why I wanted to give her a hug. She was really sweet.

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