Princess of China….Ramble

Lately I’ve been pondering my love of Rihanna. I just have a hard time with the kind of situations she has had to deal with in being ‘A Girl Good Gone Bad.’ The harassment against Chris Brown’s new girlfriend (why would anyone want to date this guy knowing what he did to Rihanna?), who just happens to be Asian by making a racist statement shows well, Riri is passionate and hell hath no fury, but just because that girl has the poor judgement to have your sloppy seconds did Riri really have to need to take the feud public?

What is even more bizarre is the timing of the release then of this video for Coldplay’s “Princess of China” which celebrates Asian culture in it’s beauty:

I seriously love this video. It’s the kind of epic video Coldplay was missing from this particular album which is definitely my least favorite of their’s— and I LOVE Coldplay. I’ve seen them in concert 9 times. 

I digress…… the thing is I do adore Rihanna, I just feel she is really troubled and needs a hug. She has said in interviews she has the reactions to a lot of things like a man, but dollface you are a woman and when you embrace that like in this video you amaze me. Now stop dwelling in a ‘hopeless place’ and have a great summer. 


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