Shops at Target Review…Ramble

I was a little skeptical about another Target designer launch. Who can blame me when it’s a shopping nightmare any time they have these things and the Missioni and Jason Wu events left many, including myself dissappointed. Still, I can’t help but be curious and there was shift dress I had my eye on when I saw a preview of the collection. My curiosity was also piqued by, of course, the Boston company The Polka Bakery, which makes dog treats. One sale that includes stuff for my precious Elle, myself, the home and the sweet tooth? Oh my this I had to take a gander at, but I didn’t go until this past weekend.

The Privet House definitely appeals to the preppy part of me so I was quite happy to see there was almost the entire collection. I do think with rivals Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls (ok I know they are one company) what made Target think premium pricing on this unknown brand was going to fly off the shelves? Target employees said it’s selling, but not like other collections and the clothing from Miami’s Webster was ample. The one thing low in supply being the shift dress I had my eye on, but I was lucky there was one left in my size. Even though online reviews said the sizes ran small it fit and wah-la I present my Shops booty:


Without trying I managed to get something from each one of the shops. Hello Candy Shop from SF you were helpful on Mother’s Day. The glasses are from Privet House, which perfectly line up with my juicer (I have been on the search so this was a huge bonus.) 



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