Face-off: GWTDT vs. The Hunger Games MOVIE Ed…. Ramble

I find many times movie versions of books which I didn’t like, are better on film. The reverse effect can occur when I really dig a book and then the movie version is complete crap. In the book version of this Face-off the clear winner was The Hunger Games. Now both movies are in the world let’s compare them.


Rooney Mara: daughter of the owner of The New York Giants, Mara had jaws dropping to applaud her Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Lizbeth. She was rail thin but intimidating. Rooney embodied this character with frightening accuracy but also made me root for her in a way I had connected with reading the books. She gave Lisbeth humanity. 

Jennifer Lawrence a Southern Belle who was criticized for her womanly curves for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Hmm, Katniss is supposed to be somewhat atheletic as Lawerence is and I thought she was flawless in this role, although some of the wardrobe choices were not (*see the scene where she and Peeta speak the night before the games begin). Lawerence was quoted saying she didn’t want to be overly skinny as she didn’t think a Kate Moss body with a bow and arrow was as intimidating but…though I love you Jennifer, I have to disagree. Rooney Mara is on the same level of skinny as Kate Moss and she was very frightening when she took down her guardian. 

Winner: Hmm, this is a tough one because both shined in these roles. Mara’s Oscar nod is going to have to tip it in her direction although we all know ever award Lawerence will get for this role will be in the Nickelodeon-MTV-youth category.


Daniel Craig: The current James Bond was recently given unprecedented access to the Queen’s quarters to film scenes to open the London Olympic Games this summer. Married to the amazing Rachel Weisz, this Brit has a body that just won’t stop…and why would you want it to? Strong and smart in this role, Blomkvist is a man to be reckoned with in the battle of wits.

Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutchinson: Oh…tag team. Oh my. In the film Liam’s Gale didn’t have too much camera time. It was one of the flaws of the film in my opinion. Josh only had one scene in the cave which really sold him to me as Peeta. While I was reading the books, I envisioned Peeta as Scott Wolf in his Party of Five days. Of course, the books were not even a notion in Suzanne Collin’s head that long ago, but a guy who had more of a sturdy frame. 

Winner: Is this a fair match up? GWTDT has a man’s man, danger & brains. The Hunger Games pits children against children in a gory death match. Being my blog and since I’m not a pedofile I’m going to declare Daniel Craig the winner. Of course Liam is a close second and Josh, sweet thing that you are, comes in last place. 


NIN’s Trent Reznor’s soundtrack added to the twisted darkness of TGWTDT. He gave away six songs for free via a TopSpin widget. He also happened to win an Oscar for his work, looking quite sexy in a tux.

The Hunger Games had a single by Taylor Swift & Civil Wars leading the charge, but in the actual film the music we hear is true to the books, just Katniss serenading her sister and little Rue as she died. 

Winner: TGWTDT. Don’t worry The Hunger Games has a lot more sales.


TGWTDT: I gave it an unexpected A-. It fixed moments I really couldn’t stand in the book like her buying a cheesy Elvis license plate for Blomkvist. 

The Hunger Games: here’s where I confess I really hate the first twenty minutes of The Hunger Games. The camera work gave me motion sickness. I was worried I wouldn’t like it at all, but that’s pretty hard when Katniss came to kick ass! I did find it left out too much and didn’t serve as much of a set-up for those who hadn’t read the books prior to the film. I’ve done a little survey and those folks who didn’t were scratching their heads a few times. It bummed me out that Cinna’s importantance fell felt. Since I love the books it further bummed me out to give this a B-. The gore of kids killing kids on the big screen was just as hard to stomach as I thought it would be. Do parents even read the plot summary before taking their 10 year olds to this film? 

Winner: TGWTDT

OVERALL WINNER: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Hands Down. 


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