Crush of the Week: Alec Baldwin…Ramble

The news of Alec Baldwin‘s fresh enragement, I mean engagement to his yoga instructor lady friend already had him showing off his devotation last night. Mr. Baldwin took to Twitter to voice his disgust at ‘crime reporters’ who were sneaking in and harassing folks just trying to feel the zen of yoga for a photo of his lady love.


Alec’s passion is what is most attractive about it, it is also what drives him to excel. He cares ALOT about politics, his daughter Ireland, the planet, words with friends and protecting those he loves all while being incredibly debonaire. That’s not an adjective I get to use very often but it really fits Baldwin. 

Forget Don Draper who is quite droll, Baldwin shows him up with his intelligence and wit on ’30 Rock’ each week as Tina Fey’s Jack Donaghy. I think this role grounded him when he needed some stability. There’s just nothing more attractive then a ‘bad boy’ who cares. He isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself *see the Capital One adverts or show up semi-nude *see It’s Not That Complicated, and he always has that oh-so-incredible voice that has turned him into quite a narrator from his work for Thomas the Train to the current Frozen Planet. I also love watching him talk classic movies on TCM. What a man! This is where we should all be investing in cloning!!

Congrats on your engagement Alec. I hope you are both very happy together! 


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