Vicki vs. Gretchen…Ramble

Ever since Gretchen Rossi joined ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ she has been in the center of drama. She was hard to like with her Barbie Doll ways and her nasty jabs at the other castmates. She came on with a fiancee twice her age with terminal cancer who showered her with diamonds. It seemed very clear she was a gold digger.

After her man passed away, Gretchen moved on with Slade Smiley who had previously been dating the very likeable Jo, whom Gretchen replaced in the cast. Jo moved to LA to try to be a singer and tried to find love elsewhere in her own dating reality show during which Slade tried to win her back. Slade was quite wealthy when he was with Jo living in a huge house and showering her with gifts. However, the recession hit Slade’s real estate job (but not former cast member Gina) and he lost pretty much all he had.

Gretchen who was in an all out war with Tamara ignited by the ‘who is hotter?’ debate showed us just how ugly they could both behave. Tamara and her best friend Vicki have always thought they were superior to Gretchen despite Tamara’s son being in jail and Vicki’s way of making everything about her (i.e. on last night’s show her daughter who has been ill had to console Vicki).

Vicki and Tamara both attacked Gretchen’s boyfriend Slade on last season’s reunion show calling him a dead beat dad for not paying child support. Despite that, this season’s premiere kicked off with Tamara and Gretchen mysteriously deciding to bury the hatchet. Tamara not-so-subtley was keeping the reconcilation from her bff Vicki. Vicki is not too happy about it but she still continues to show up for group events.

Slade is also not happy about Gretchen being friends with Tamara after everything she accused him of and making him look terrible on national television. He decided for some reason he was going to try stand-up comedy during which he called Vicki “Miss Piggy”- whom Bravo had the genius move of booking on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ alongside Vicki last night. (Seriously genius booking! Love Miss Piggy!!!)

It all came to a head last night for the latest round of war when Tamara hosted an 80’s Bunko Night. Vicki and Gretchen were at separate tables talking about Slade’s stand-up and the room erupted when Tamara added the men to the mix.

Why on earth would Tamara invite Slade to this Bunko night?
Why did Tamara and Gretchen really bury the hatchett? Castmate Alexis said she has heard rumors of what is really behind the reconciliation.

Andy wanted to know who’s side the audience is on Gretchen or Vicki?
1) I’ve always liked Vicki as a strong women who supports her family and works really hard.

2) The nasty behaviour in the tabloids is the most catty and least interesting of all the Housewives Casts, but being the original I can’t deny I have more than a passing interest.

3) I felt bad for Gretchen last year when she was trying to make Tamara own up to her own crappy behaviour but Tamara having the same mudslinging done in the press to her by Gina was supposed to be different– why Tamara? Oh because it’s happening to you.

4) There is an interesting debate here that also happened on the last season the NY cast. Simon apparently got very nasty with some of the ladies in the cast. His wife Alex said they needed to go directly to Simon. The women felt they should never have to be put in that position. In the OC Gretchen is saying the same thing and although she chastised Slade for his stand-up, she still defends his actions to the women. She thinks the women should go directly to Slade but doing this during a group game night was pretty ridiculous. Tamara just stood by in the corner with her head down.

If you have a problem with a friend’s partner, should you be able to clear it up with your friend or have to speak directly to the person you have the issue with?

5) The fight between Gretchen, Slade and Vicki really heated up when Gretchen brought up Vicki’s current boyfriend Brookes has been in jail for not paying child support. Vicki claimed her man was none of Gretchen’s business to which Gretchen retorted Slade was none of Vicki’s. Vicki apparently thinks it’s ok to accuse Slade of bad behaviour according to news on the net but she doesn’t want that applying to her man. Hmmm….

Vicki also told Gretchen she’d never understand (since Gretchen is not a mother) what a man not paying support makes a woman have to endure. Hmm….

Final conclusion: In these kinds of debates no one wins. None of these people are angels, however I’m on Gretchen’s side here. She was attacked by these women while her fiancee was dying of cancer. Vicki, being a mother and a survivor of a dead beat dad is dating someone who has been jailed for the same thing. It’s hypocritical and sad, sad behaviour.

Vicki get a grip it’s not all about you. You have to do a mea culpa here and then just get on with things. If these people are causing you so much stress you should quit the show. No one is making you do this show and after last season I can’t imagine how you are still on the show! Finally your daughter shouldn’t have to console you when she might be told she could have the big ‘C’.

This round goes to Gretchen. Good for you for standing up for yourself although I have no idea why you are into Slade.


3 thoughts on “Vicki vs. Gretchen…Ramble

  1. The difference between Alex-Simon vs. Gretchen-Slade is that Tamra and Vicki had an issue with Slade BEFORE any of them ever met Gretchen. They were “friends” with Slade before Gretchen was around. With Alex and Simon – none of those cast members had any history with either of them before the show. Their core person was Alex (HouseWIVES) – and Simon was just the husband. So in that case yes – Alex needs to work out with Simon how he deals with “HER” friends. In the OC example, the issue really is between Slade and Vicki & Tamra – so they need to work it out with him directly. Gretchen is just taking all the flack for being guilty by association If Slade was some completely NEW guy that was behaving like a jackass toward Gretchen’s friends – it’s an altogether different issue and more like the Alex-Simon situation. You really can’t compare the situations equally.

  2. Interesting point Di. However was anyone really ever friends with Slade? It seemed like the ladies couldn’t stand him when he was with Jo and then briefly with Laurie (sp? is that the right name).

    Slade is not a Housewife either but he sure as hell gets a lot of camera time.

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