Crush of the Week: Bueller, Ferris Bueller…Ramble

Ah, Ferris, what girl didn’t want to date a guy like you in high school or even afterwards? You take over parades, you make each day fun and best of all you are somewhat of a hopeless romantic. Now we fast forward years later and you are the middle-aged ‘husband of Sarah Jessica Parker’ and sidekick of Nathan Lane. You are shiny path has turned to Broadway and we miss your jokes..but alas Ferris, you say you’ll never do a sequel and let us bask in how your musical stylings have possibly evolved and what kind of schemes you have pulled off. That is until a big paycheck convinced you to revive things for our amusement briefly one more time:

Now I know a lot of Bueller fans are seriously pissed off for a plethora of reasons, most of all that ‘Ferris’ has sold out to a car company. Ah, there’s just no pleasing people. I’m perfectly happy to have this short visit with Ferris. Thanks for the smiles Matthew Broderick and letting us know Ferris still lives within you!¬†

p.s. Definitely was funnier than Seinfeld bringing back the Soup Nazi:


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