Human League vs. Gotye…Ramble

It’s a new year, but some themes don’t change, they just get better over time.

I have a debate with a friend over the Gotye ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ is a modern version of Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’. Since this is my blog, I’m going to run with my theme.


GOTYE: Dude feels slighted, tells the girl even though they broke up it was rough that she changed her number and had her girlfriends pick up her shit.

HUMAN LEAGUE: Dude meets a waitress and upgrades her life. Now he’s pissed she won’t see him.

GOTYE: Turns out the Dude was a gameplayer. She changed her number cause she knew he was toxic to her.

HUMAN LEAGUE: Girl has outgrown him. He’s twisted the truth, time to move on boy.

WINNER: THE LADIES in both songs although Human League lady is slightly ahead cause this dude is more pathetically asking ‘don’t you want me?’

IMHO: I prefer the Human League video because while Gotye is a brilliant muso, I don’t want to see his scrawny man parts covered in artwork.


4 thoughts on “Human League vs. Gotye…Ramble

  1. Great post. I totally felt reminiscent of Don’t You Want me when I heard this song by Gotye. I came across your post when I was searching for a mashup of the 2 songs. Hope some rockin dj does one soon 🙂

  2. I have been thinking the same thing… had to google it though because I couldn’t remember the who sang “Don’t you want me.” Thn found your blog! Every time it comes on, my husband and I both say, “this sounds exactly like that one song from the 80’s!”

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