We’re Gonna Cleanse Down to Organic Avenue…Ramble

And then we’ll take it natural oh oh.

There’s so many fads out there what’s a girl to do to know for sure she’s getting healthy? If you’ve ever attempted the Master Cleanse, you start to lose your decision making skills after a few days. It also provides zero nutriotional value but serves to clean out the colon in a fairly nasty way.

A few months ago Groupon had a sale for an Organic Avenue *Love Deep 3 Day Cleanse. I thought, damn I gotta get back on a health kick so away I purchased a 3 day *Love Deep Cleanse. The cool thing about Organic Avenue is the support that is offered from the great telephone customer service to the daily emails telling you have to prep your body for the cleanse to emails taking you through mantras each day of the cleanse.

I received specific instructions which included the order in which to eat and drink, not gulp such spectacular items as coconut milk. Oh how I LOATHE coconut. I have never, not once in my life enjoyed coconut. I’m not going to lie, day one was the most difficult. I didn’t know if I could really make it through all of them but the final drink of day one is a Cashew Milk.

Drinks go from lightest to heaviest starting off with a shot of a vial of green stuff to get rid of toxins.

I really dig that the LOVE Deep cleanse encompasses mind, body and soul. There are mantras to repeat to yourself including my favorite “this too shall pass” throughout the day.

Day 2 included grapefruit juice which I happily welcomed into my mouth. It was something familiar and so delicious. Day two was actually much easier to take. I looked forward to the Master Tonic as well as the Veggie Vibe. I could feel the nutrients doing working the toxins out of my body especially when I saw everything exiting my body was green. Of course, it finished the day with Coconut Milk and I was happy to hold on to the instructions you don’t have to finish an entire drink. I got probably 1/3 of it down before I just couldn’t take it anymore.

That made Day 3 starting out with the Thai Coconut Water even less desireable. The instructions say not to gulp the food and stay in the moment, be present for this experience. I have never in my life want to be less present then when slowing ingesting coconut water. The smell is almost as bad as the taste. Day 3 was definitely harder to get through but it wasn’t about hunger, it was about having to go through the last day of the cleanse while at work. Of course, it was ending with the Coconut Milk again.

Now that the cleanse is over I’ve still be having one or two juices a day and adding salads as solid food. The day before starting the cleanse I had a fever and coming down with a bad cold, but after day one my symptons were gone. Day three I could already see a visible difference in my body. I felt better and had more energy. There was a real sense of achievement kick starting my healthier lifestyle.

I’m now a bit of an Organic Avenue enthusiast. Their Greek Salad is out of this world. Olives have never been my favorite thing but I devoured them in their Greek Salad. Once you get through the cleanse there are plenty of delicious treats that are vegan and will keep you on the right path.

www.organicavenue.com for more information! It’s also on GiltGroupe.com today but you’d have to get on the waiting list.


4 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Cleanse Down to Organic Avenue…Ramble

  1. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered till now. However, what about the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

    • Juan I think you should definitely try a juice/raw food cleanse. I am AMAZED at how much I wanted to frankly gag on some of the juices during that cleanse and now, almost a month later I feel so much better when I drink them.

  2. Have you tried Green and Tonic??? It is a GREAT food/juice cleanse….I did it for 3 days and felt energized, my skin was glowing a few days after…the food was really (breakfast bars/salads w/grains and the BEST salad dressing and a delicious soup for dinner…
    check it out….www.greenandtonicplan.com

    • I haven’t tried that one because now I’m making my own juices with a juicer. It ensures that I’m not getting a drink with too much sugar and I know what’s going into it. It’s amazing how I can now taste anything artificial.

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