Crush of The Week: Ryan Gosling…Ramble

I know, it’s so obvious. Every girl just swoons at Ryan Gosling. It’s that blonde hair and his mysterious ways, his breaking up a street fight in a ‘gifted’ tank top that while henious on others, showed off his “gun show.” Sigh, swoon whatever makes you love him, Ryan Gosling is quite a great actor.

For me there are some actors (Eric Bana) I will go see a film for and some I will avoid (oh George Clooney and your damn smugness). Ryan Gosling fell into the first category until the depressing and overhyped “Blue Valentine”. The film has to look like it has a plot that’s compelling ie. “Drive” is a pass, but “Ides of March” is a hell yes (despite Clooney) political thriller which has even my mother praising Gosling (last time I remember her doing this it was Orlando Bloom in ‘LOTR’).

A few more reasons I am in a Gosling Crush phase:
1) I’m going to be part of a book panel for Courtney Smith’s “Record Collecting for Girls” and we were discussing girl fandom during which Ryan’s name came up to a collective digital sigh/swoon.
2) He was in the movie ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’ which was (yes I’m going there!) directed by a good friend’s brother.
3) Ryan loves dogs. He is spotted everywhere with his big ole man dog who he clearly loves as much as I love my canine kid:

4) Ryan is a good sport when it comes to interviews.

5) In case you forgot he’s the devilish wrong side of town guy from ‘The Notebook’ (note: how much did “Sweet Home Alamabama” rip off the ‘Noah’ character?)

6) He also fights for clean water!

7) Ryan hearts the music of James Blake.

10/31/12: Worth adding– as if Ryan weren’t awesome enough he surprized deaf kids at a fundraiser in Texas yesterday! He raised $20K. Is this guy amazing or what?! Please begin cloning him!


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