Deep Thoughts by Grrlgenius…Ramble

What’s in a name? Grrlgenius has a long story to it. It is tongue-in-cheek but it’s been my online moniker since 1997. I’m not related to those whiny self-help books.

Last Thursday I noticed a rise in a page I manage on Facebook and have happily grown from 200 to 3K in my ‘spare time’ at work. There was an increase of 67K fans in four hours since I had last posted. Facebook said it was legit, enjoy the ride. Co-workers were like you are a Genius! This is Digital Ninja Shit.

While I am a happy to accept compliments any digital person knows there is always a root that can be traced. I exhausted the normal possibilities unsatisfied with the laid back ‘enjoy the ride, it’s legit’ answer I got from Facebook. There were no major posts by famous people or brands about our page.

I had requested a merge with another page within the company now the products had been merged under one name which had seemed dead in the water over 10 days ago for various technical reasons according to the person who dealt with back-end issues. What’s in a name right?

I said let me post, see if folks start saying they’ve been spammed because I did find a site called Samepoint coming up in using social tools to look for solutions, but nothing that would cause 8K more likes in the course of ten minutes on the phone with Facebook. What’s in a name after all? Turns out the wrong page was merged- a catalog page instead of a contemporary version on the brand.

I no longer think of people as elderly, merely more experienced in cursing. Yeah, I knew this wasn’t done with malicious intent, but I was up all night answering questions and letting the community know because they thought it was and were extremely, colorfully vocal and decidedly graphic about it.

Facebook had suggested I turn off comments…well it was through comments I uncovered exactly what happened. Good thing I didn’t listen to Facebook…for the 2nd time. What’s in a name?

So now our page is starting from zero because after a moment of denial, there’s no way I could stand in the way of the classic name and it’s community which shot us up well over 200K. It’s their name. That name is full of respect and fans who are extremely passionate about it.  There will be messaging to the new page that was created and of course, needs some tweaks.

It is the same feeling I had yesterday when I had to return my fabulous Badgley Mischka Julia Satchel because it started to come undone around the handles. (Mine was black but they no longer carry it so Nordstrom’s couldn’t replace it but I thank them for their amazing customer service and help yesterday.) I felt a little betrayed because your handbag shouldn’t betray you and disappoint you the way a man does. I left with my personal items in a Nordstrom’s shopping bag crushed.

My deep thought on all of this: What’s in a Name is important, it represents personality and standards positive, negative and it helps us decide if we want to associate with that entity. Humans are endlessly flawed. We created technology ergo it is never going to be perfect. Sites like Facebook with amazing minds behind them who are constantly changing things which they think are better for the audience without actually understanding community and how it functions need feedback.

What’s in a name? Your faith, your trust, and you can bet I’m always going to hold on to that.


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