Crush of the Week: Marc Blucas…Ramble

I love when you have an unexpected surprise in your normal life. You go out, you meet someone interesting and you get a little spark injected into the night.  Sometimes when you see those fabulous faces all the time, you can get a bit immune to that spark. Say, perhaps, you live in LA and work in entertainment, and have to be professional. It’s about working with these folks, staying focused on marketing projects even if it’s outside of your immediate part of the business, there is a constant dissecting of whatever the format is- movies, music, Television, agents, scripts, etc.

It was no surprise when one of my friends invited me to a movie premiere I was invited to for  “Me, Myself and Irene” (oh yes the hurricane-turned-tropical-storm reminded me I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a minute- at least I think it was that one, it would’ve been a different crappy movie with David Spade we went to in the same location in Westwood, CA). In any case, I was not expecting the cute-but-not-vampire-Angel-human boyfriend of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), played by Marc Blucas to be there or be so adorable. He was a few rows in front of me before the film (probably the worst Jim Carey film ever) and turned around to talk to someone. He smiled. I was enchanted. It was one of the those megawatt “he’s got star power quality” smiles that I’ll never forget.

Now Marc Blucas is back on another hot TV series, ‘Necessary Roughness’ on cable. Marc plays the role of Head Trainer for a fictional football team, The New York Hawks. Thanks cable for being so awesome and bringing that smile back into my life to admire on a weekly basis. There’s a reason I don’t cancel you!


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