Dang Delta…Ramble

As we are house-bound on the East Coast I find myself looking at some gossip websites as an excuse not to be editing my manuscript or write query letters. I have to say I am absolutely shocked by how little time I have clearly had to enjoy any sort of up-to-date gossip about celebrities when I see that Nick Jonas has been dating Delta Goodrem since May.

I have been far too busy to miss out on such insanely crazy gossip since last I heard Delta was engaged to Brian McFadden. Seriously that poor girl first she gets lymphoma at 18 and then her hot tennis player  Mark Phillppousis ends up having a tryst with Paris Hilton. Australians were outraged. I was in Australia at the time and remember hearing all about it on the radio. People were rallying for Delta. Then I wound up meeting her when I worked at VH1.

B + D

By then, Delta had been dating former Westlife singing Brian McFadden who was with her and had a broken leg. He was fairly quiet. Little Miss Delta had totally turned things around in her reputation since Brian was still married to someone else who he has two kids when they hooked up. Now I find they never got married after being engaged for four dang years. She’s now with Nick and Brian is with some Irish reality star named, of course,Vogue.


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