I love Teen Pop…Ramble

Seriously. I have taken crap for it all my life but it’s puts a boom boom into my heart (Wham! for those novices in pop).  I can’t help but sing to my dog “Baby, Baby Baby Ohhhhhh!” (*slight Beiber fever!)

Why do I love pop music so much? I’ll be the one dancing til the world ends because I love the positivity of pop. I love that pop fans can be so exuberant even if you need earplugs to goto a pop show. What’s wrong with fantasy and having a good time? Getting your limbs moving and your butt shaking? It’s a good time and it’s reflected in the fans.

I observe what people say online and it’s been incredible to see how for certain genres it’s all about blame as if attacking and being aggressive is ever going to motivate people. If an artist exceeds expectations or isn’t even in the country to promote their album, it’s somehow the fault of the nameless record company. However, with teen fans the highs are so much easier and faster. They are so elated and sweet, they work for the artist and in turn the brand. It’s so endearing and the juxtaposition of seeing two sides of the coin is what makes it every day interesting but leaves my heart with pop music.

POP IT Playlist


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