Femme Fatale Tour…Ramble

I am not the kind of person who likes to ask for concert tickets all the time. I’ve been to so many shows and while it’s great to be thought of, it’s very rare now for me to actively seek tickets. However, having provided tickets twice to a very hard show to get into for a colleague, you would think he would go out of his way to make good on his promise to get me Nicki Minaj tickets. He said he would but now I know better. I went to check with him and got his out-of-office message.

This left me in a quandary. It’s not that I wouldn’t survive not seeing Nicki live… but it would be the first tour of Britney Spears I would ever miss. Several friends who work at Sony had not even asked for tickets themselves, given how disappointed they were in seeing her Circus tour.

Oh Brit. I tried to justify missing your show by recalling how it was with mixed emotions to see you – there, but not with any clarity or strong abilities. Still, I had heard she was doing better on Femme Fatale. I listed out the times I had seen her in the past:

1. Universal amphitheatre opening for N’Sync with four dancers.

2. Disneyworld- taping a show for us at Disney Channel in 1999. I documented Britney’s experience for our Disney website and heard boys running up trying to see if she had a breast job like the rumors of the time had said. I was walking next to Britney, there was no way she didn’t hear them. She held her head up high and kept walking. I felt very protective of her after that like many other women I know in the industry.

Me and Britney, don't mind the orange thing.

3. Vegas, MGM Grand- my boss let me fly out to handle contest winners. What a great boss he was, thanks Sandy! My sister drove 12 hours to meet me from Colorado. It was totally worth it. My friend Sarah was on tour with Britney at the time, as her dressing room decorator. Brit’s drummer Slam hit on my sister. It was a very entertaining weekend.

4. Madison Square Garden- with my friend Steve who worked for Jive at the time. He didn’t listen to me when I said the better way to see the show was further back so we were close to the stage. He had been lukewarm on Britney for his personal tastes, but said to me during the encore when she was doing acrobatics at 40 feet “She’s fearless!”

5. Nassau Coliseum Sarah was on tour with Britney again so she got me in with the crew. They’d had a party the night before at The Cheetah Club so they all were happy to put me on the standing VIP stage, which was practically part of the stage.

6. Meadowlands- or whatever it was called by that point. Skye Sweetnam opened up for her. I interviewed Skye on her tour bus prior to the show and her then-record label, Capitol provided an amazing set of seats.

7. Prudential Center- you know a night is not going to go well when your companion doesn’t bother to look at the tickets and you wind up at the wrong venue and have to floor it from Long Island to the Dirty Jers. Ah what a circus!

I thought, well 7 times is a lot. I have seen Britney all over the country, never in the same venue. Still, at 4pm Friday, I expressed being a bit bummed out not to be able to see the Femme Fatale Tour and …two tickets were produced from the most unlikely source.

The show was great. There was a great fun theme of Britney being a Femme Fetale, lethal to men globally and one man on the hunt to find her and stop her with his army of beautiful men. I love a good theme and this one suited where Britney is in her life , more so then the Dream Within A Dream fantasy world where she dwelled for so long.


While the new album doesn’t come packed with a lot of instant favorites for me, it was great to see Britney out there and having a great time. She was mentally there and giving it her all in fabulous sparkling outfits! There were fireworks, flying, dancing and a moving runway to make the most of and my favorite prop was even a pink MINI which Britney and crew drove off in taking an audience member who looked like Zac Effron with them backstage.

Britney was dancing all out, doing complicated moves. Although you might say, it’s not like her younger “fearless” days, it was truly great. My friend had never seen Britney live before and she was totally impressed.

I must mention Nicki Minaj was fun and a true pop star too. She had a running theme to defeat “Nemesis” which, of course, she did along with the help of outrageous costumes, wigs and silly string.

Sorry Jo Bros Joe, we missed your opening slot but none the less, I’d like to thank Fate aka Frank for bringing me to see Britney back in action and proving that people really dress like the below in Jersey:

Good thing I didn't wear my see through lace pants!


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