What a Geek…..Ramble

Well, I uh find it hard to follow a blog about someone who had so much impact with her voice in so short a time. I do. My Taylor Swift concert photos did not seem like a good follow-up or my advice to interns which needs more shaping.

Yet, here we are another post. This one I have to make fun of because last week was a surreal geek week in which I started with taping a show for engadget:

Non-geeks click here now: http://www.viddler.com/engadgetshow/videos/66/1861.995/

I think I look better than I thought I would, however given my friend Badass Betty took my favorite umbrella or lost it (!) on her last visit here, I think my somewhat disheveled via a torrential downpour , isn’t too bad. They do have a thing about moving the chairs off the mark. I was so uncomfortable in that chair and what is the result? I’m moving around too much!

The host also had to say my introduction twice as he called me Colin instead of Colleen. The studio audience was also pretty interesting and mostly male dominated …..what did you expect? Apparently most guests are a lot less over-the-top. I’m just being me and getting my geek on and I do apologize because the original point they wanted me to discuss was digital distribution and how that is effected by the introduction of Spotify into the marketplace here.

It’s too late to get into that my darlings however I will attempt to express my opinion on it soon. Promise! xoxo Grrlgenius

p.s. That was only Monday of last week. I did wind up going out to Silicon Valley and back- two days two red eyes but always worth it for a visit to Facebook. #geekon!


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