Elegance is Learned–My Friend…Ramble

This season the New York Housewives are up to seven freaking cast members. That’s a lot of cat fighting and makes me laugh since last season New Jersey was 4 members and NY was at six. Why up it again? Bravo did try to introduce a seventh lady as Jill’s charity friend but I think she fell short and this season she’s no where to be seen.

It has been fun to see Jill saying she’s changed and then turning around at a wedding saying Alex is socializing above her class level. Alex and Ramona did both wear white to the wedding. Tacky!

Alex has undoubtedly “found her voice” this season and apparently only one tagline, which she now hawks on Twitter as being available on t-shirts – “She’s a thug in a cocktail dress!” It is a good line. She has applied to it to both Sonia and the Countess. Fitting since the best line which sums up Alex’s behaviour this season belongs to Countess Luann “Alex has found her voice, now she needs to be quiet!”

I’ve been thinking about this and how friendships can devolve with someone you don’t know that well who have judged you (dressing down Sonia at the Gay Marriage Rally), spread gossip about you (the way Alex & Simon did to Jill after the 1st season and the way) and thinking about breaking points. What is the point of having this hangers-on around merely to keep up appearences and attack them behind their backs? Granted, in this case it’s about being on TV and using that to support yourselves instead of having to hold down an actual job.

Breaking points for me:
A person who I occassionally hang out with once every six months pretends to know me better than they do to the detriment of other friendships.

Constant questions about someone’s finances. It’s not classy to try to poke into another person’s finances- I’m talking to you Jill Zarin!

Creating drama and expecting the other person is always going to clean up your mess and/or take you back after constant insults- Mmm, J-Z again.

Expecting that you’d pick friends/acquaintances over your husband- Kelly Killoran come now child really?

Overacting and butting in when completely unwanted or unneeded and Alex you know that’s you. It’s been you for the entire show but this season you stick out even more as a sore thumb.

Cindy, the boss woman who bejewels her clients vajayjays, is the voice of reason and then finds herself cut out of all the photos by Sonja because as Sonja likes to cliche “revenge is a dish best served cold”- well ouch, but if I was Cindy I’d be so over you by now.

A friend who is constantly getting wasted, is a blurter and has no filter. That would be Ramona Singer who’s staged attempted seduction of her husband Mario ended up being a foot massage. Honey, you’re too young to be considered senile so don’t act like you are!

Take out some time to be chic with Countess Luann.


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