Getting GOOP’y about Gwyneth…Ramble

Gwyneth Paltrow’s cook book is finally out and while foodie sites like are hating (ok to be fair the recipe for oatmeal – a cup of oats, add your favorite toppings is a bit of a no brainer), but the stories about her family life and how food allows them to gather and enjoy each other is charming.

I love me some Gwyneth so I was excited to have her sign a cook book for me. Kudos to Gwyneth for allowing the staff to take photos with people’s cameras, but holla, dude took photos just of Gwyneth, not me. Take a look:

It's my favorite Golden Goddess!

I’m happy to see that I got GP to smile. I gave her a CD since she enriches my life so even though I’m not “in the photo” she does have her hand on it. (Yes, I know I’m acting like a schoolgirl but who’s life doesn’t need a glamourous influence?) She was very sweet and it was like, wow, they were not rushing us along like happens with most of these types of events so thank you Gwyneth. You are a classy lady and I loved seeing the black sharpie on your hand as you autographed your beautiful book!

How sweet, she is petting the CD I gave her!

Fortunately my fabulous friend @brianistuft was able to capture how adorable I look from behind talking to GP.

Can you sign it to "my BFF"? Bwahaha.

Despite working in entertainment and having been exposed to tons of famous people, it was exciting for me to finally be talking directly to Gwyneth and have her attention for a minute. Here’s what I forgot to say to Gwyneth:
-Could you add “Watch out for the randoms!” to your signature?
-I’m going to Nashville and I’m testing your GOOP newsletters vs. a local!
-Could you adopt me? I know you have a fabulous Asian lady who is probably your PR person, but I’m more fun.


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