Work and Trust…Ramble

The American Way?
When it comes to work, are you ever allowed to really be yourself? So my opening might be a little Carrie Bradshaw but recently a very close friend was confiding in me about his work negotiations. We never discuss salary. To me discussing someone’s salary is only pertinent if I’m hiring them or they are under a review.

My friend got a bit friendly with one of his co-workers. She actually got out of him his salary and pretended to be concerned and supportive. Once she learned his negotiations were successful she waited two days and went in trying to blackmail herself into a raise. Interesting tactics. I would rather be able to point out how I had contributed and lead a team to multiple successes.

Now it’s a little bit of “Bitch stole my” raise!

Gimme it!

Is it ever possible to really trust a co-worker? I often find when a person is starting their career secrets told in trust are easily traded under the misguidance to trade up for something else like scoring points with higher ups or jumping over the competition. I was surprized this woman is in her forties and would sink to blackmail for her own monetary benefits. Hard lesson learned but keeping your guard up and protecting your numbers is a something you should always do unless you are running for President. If you need to discuss how to get a raise, working in percentages will still suffice. In the lyrics of Jessie J “it’s not about the money, money, money….” but it may be about the ba-bling ba-bling after all.


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