SXSW #4 Randomness…Ramble

Survey says hot buzz bands out of SXSW:
James Blake
Noah and The Whale

Tell me if you heard different as I mentioned I was in a bubble.

Random Quotes:
“That looks like Bob Geldolf” Nat
“It probably was- he is the keynote speaker.” Me
“Who’s Bob Geldolf?” Ang

re: Lazy and Demanding Dumbass Asking for List VIPS and doing nada in return
“Thanks for stopping by”

post interview:
“He said my music is like a volcano building and then erupting….”

during interview:
“When does your album come out?” interviewer (x 2!!)
“It’s already out.”

“We might need some more bangers on that track.”
“I’ll give you five dollars to say bangers again. I like your accent y’all.” Texan
“My rate is higher than five dollars for a banger, but that comes with being an older woman.”
Bangers in this case was a drum machine.

In a Field of Dirt next to the Fader Fort:
“Oh no, stop what you just said you were about to co-sign on saying something nasty about me.” -My
“I’m going to have to shoplift that phrase from you.” -Me
“You two need a reality show and how come I don’t come up with these phrases? I’m a writer.” -Journo

In a street full of broken glass, rocks, tire tubes and body parts changing locations during a photo shoot:
“Do you need me to carry anything?” Me
“No, I’ve got it, but could you just take this piece of trash?” Photographer, who then hands me a small piece of paper.


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