Crush of the Week: Karl Urban…Ramble

I was really looking forward to watching “Red” with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren. Suddenly their foe, a real alpha male who is a black ops agent for the government appeared on the horizon tall and intense. It was almost like he burrowed in and became a slightly more intrigueing.

Alpha male’s eyes were burning with the ability to torture his opponents with a mere eyelash. A feeling like I’d felt that stare before started to germinate in my head as the plot thickened.

I’ll give you one chance to confess!

I was ready to confess everything to Alpha Male when Bruce Willis schooled him, took him down in his own office inside Langley. Alpha Male was not very happy about that….but I was because it suddenly hit me the passion burning in his eyes were those of my Lord of the Rings crush, Eomer. You know, the hot dude who lead the banished horsemen in the second film.

Give me your hair brush! I command it.

I admit, it’s a little odd since Karl has had noteable roles as McCoy in Star Trek opposite Chris Pine, but of course, I was fixated waiting for a bantastic moment for Eric Bana to come on screen. Then, of course he was the Russian KGB agent who took out Jason Bourne’s girlfriend Marie with a shot to the head. Me, I choose to recognize him as my LOTR hottie.


I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, there is a lot of reading and writing to be done. However, someone clearly wants to woo me back with the new sci-fi thriller ‘Almost Human’ starring my crush Karl Urban. Hello FOX executives, I applaud you for getting this one on air. Thank you for adding the combination of smart and bold with angular cheekbones that could crush rocks, to the weekly schedule. Mwah!


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