Crush of the Week: Enrique!….Ramble

I have a confession. When I took my current job, two of my three bosses (the other one was down the hall making deals!) promised I would meet Enrique Iglesias. He is my favorite crossover bilingual artist.

A few years ago on Valentine’s Day, I went to see Enrique at Radio City Music Hall. It was the most entertaining and surprisingly funny show and immediately went into my top ten favorite concert experiences in New York. I grew up here for the most part so the competition includes George Michael, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Keane, INXS, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Crowded House, Janet Jackson, Shakira, Juanes and on and on. Last night at Madison Square Garden Enrique was en fuego! The show was bigger, funnier and even more delightful.

A few hours prior I had received an extra ticket so I called my mother who accepted before I could even get the words out of my mouth.  Now, you have to realize that when I spent a lot of $ on her ticket to see George Michael a few years ago and she had a glass of wine and almost went to sleep (I caught her but she claims she didn’t! ) and had even tried to get me to sit down at that show.

My mom was dancing. She had a smile on her face the whole night, even stood on her chair and was sad she had to leave before she got to meet Enrique.

Enrique was bummed he didn’t get to meet her either. I had done a small work thing with him the night prior so I had met him there. He is as charming as you would expect ladies. Swoon away! Now get more jealous, swoon away, now realize you should be more jealous because he gave me a kiss on the cheek both nights and seriously ladies it’s Enrique. The below photo was taken and then he gave me un abrazo y beso.

No me digas no! Si, it's B, Enrique, and me!


4 thoughts on “Crush of the Week: Enrique!….Ramble

  1. OMG!! You are so lucky!! I’m just waiting for him to come back to Australia again!!
    How were you so lucky to work with him the night prior?? aAAH!! You’re so right, AM SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!!

    AAaaahh ☺

      • “I” SHOULD be so lucky!! (:
        Are there any positions vacant @ your work…wouldn’t mind joining the crew with those type of perks! (:

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