Real Hotlanta Hot Tempered Housewives…Ramble

Season one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I got suckered in quickly by NeNe Leakes, who seemed to have everyone ganging up on her when she was down to earth and funny for days.

Season two, NeNe  her reality show fame sink into her real life and on camera she hammed it up and put everyone on blast. She was so aggressive and it was a real turnoff. There was no more of the sweet, funny lady who was full of funny one liners.

Season three  NeNe finally uncovers who her biological father is and once again the audience connects with this likeable woman with her catch phrases and finger snapping.

Season Four: Ms. Nene is having marriage problems and made amends with Kim “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” (or to pay my bills for me Big Poppa!) Zolziack despite their rocky past. What? She gets some liposuction and decides having one interview on a local Atlanta news channel means she has her own show. It was almost as embarrassing as it was annoying to watch her ‘interview’ with Jermaine Dupree since she did zero research on him and then just turned the piece into a tour of his recording studio.

What went wrong?

Ms. Nene has never gotten over Kim cutting her out of singing on “Tardy for the Party.” Kim, under Kandi’s team, recorded a second, ear-piercing follow-up”The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing”. When NeNe fresh from Lord knows what happened to her at home with her husband who shared all their secrets on the radio and her deadbeat son who went to jail this season,  joins the Kandi/Kim tour bus with an agenda to be Nasty NeNe. Oh no, really? Yeah, NeNe couldn’t even be polite for an entire evening. Why did she bother going? It just mystified me why this woman gets invited anywhere when she is a complete naysayer.

Ms. NoNo quickly called Kim’s assistant a slave (who is the racist here?) and acted like a spoiled baby trying to convince aging model and new castmate Cynthia that she should ditch the girls weekend in Miami. Nay nay NeNe! Why are you such a No No! all the damn time.

I’ve got to say the more interesting storylines were newcomers Cynthia the supermodel committmentphobe and Phaedra or “Fakedra” as NoNo calls her, the lawyer with an ex-con for a husband and a new baby. Phaedra has this amazing way of delivering utter nonsense but she seems like no matter what she is over the top and likes to have a good time. That’s totally fine by me!

My dream Housewives “Super Cast” would include: Lisa Vanderpump from BH, Cat from DC, Phaedra from Atlanta, Skip the OC altogether, blend in Sonia Morgan  from NY and you got a soiree.


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