Crush of the Week: Garrett Hedland…Ramble

“Troy” is a movie with an insanely beautiful cast, who just happen to be very talented. Although Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom were veterans of the screen, it introduced Eric Bana to an international audience and introduced us to the wonderful Rose Byrne and golden boy, Garrett Hedland. Who? He played Brad’s young cousin, Pactroclus, who leads the charge falsely and is brutally killed by Hector. A boy “too young to die.”

After roles on “Friday Night Lights” and some really B-grade movies like “Four Brothers” and “Georgia Rule”, it seems Garrett is finally coming into his own for recognition and better roles. He is currently starring as the lead in “Tron: Legacy” opposite Jeff Bridges and in “Country Strong” opposite Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw and Leighton Meister. His swoon factor shoots through the roof as the combination of his model looks (he was a teen model) and his deep singing voice. While he reminds me of Brad Pitt physically, his career seems to be moving in a James Franco trajectory. His acting skills are growing deeper and he is just so believable on-screen which is what makes him so crush worthy these days.

Garrett is willing to learn new skills whether it’s to ride a motorcycle or to play a guitar for roles. He is so dedicated to inhibiting his characters, he vowed not to take any other role after being cast as Dean Moriarty in On The Road. Oh young men and On The Road!

Try resisting this:


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