Crush of the Week: Armie Hammer…Ramble

My Boo!

Being a digital girl living in a digital world seeing “The Social Network” was mandatory. My favorite line was delivered by Armie Hammer who played both of the ‘Winklevy’ twins. They talk about beating the crap out of Mark Zuckerberg as he continues to leave them unacknowledged and conquer the world with Facebook– “I can do it, I’m 6’5″ , 250 lbs and there are two of me.”

The guy has a fantastic smile and entered the pop culture realm as a love interest for the fabulous Blake Lively on “Gossip Girl.”

Does Armie Hammer sounds like a familiar name? He happens to be the grandson of the founder of Arm & Hammer. As if you needed another reason to love him, unlike many actors who are engaged and then hit the ‘big time’, he recently married his long time girlfriend and was just cast across from one Leo DiCaprio, whom he will share an on-screen kiss. Too bad he’s taken cause he’s my first crush in ages.


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