Holiday Gift Suggestions…Ramble

Now that the sales are over, are you looking around saying ‘oh crap, I bought things for myself with no overall plan or strategy for what people might actually like vs. what was on sale’? Awrighty then, I’ve got a few gift suggestions for the discerning woman in your life:


Dear Money by Martha McPhee is an amazing satire that sheds light on the debate of art vs. responsibility and money making. I always thought if I got married I’d like to be a working mom supporting the family. After reading this book I have to say pass on the realities of such a move. This is a throughly great read for anyone who ever had such notions and pining for their youthful dreams.

Just Kids by Patti Smith a great memoir that is a must-read for music lovers granting access to the struggling artists Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe at the legendary Chelsea Hotel among such greats like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.


Yes, it’s an old standby but …it works for most woman. Some discount sites you should sign up for to find bargains: and

But…for cool, trendy and small business, I have to once again shed light on my fave: KT Collection. If you follow her on twitter or sign up for the newsletter you’ll get in on discounts. Loooove my KT from my “Chanel meets downtown” jaguar ring (not couuuugar. egads! ha) to the classic gold necklaces, this is one collection that’s affordable and looks damn good.


Check out One Kings Lane. Oh my how I adore this site.


Om Aroma & Co. is luxury for the skin. Ingredients like champagne and caviar renew the skin and smell delicious.


A puppy. I’m serious however, you have to include a dog trainer and to be super sweet and take on the responsibility of potty training the dog. Try some agility classes and involve the whole family.

Good luck shoppers! xx Grrlgenius


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