Bridal Dormant Gene…Ramble

Kate Middleton you certainly have a life of scrutiny cut out for you! All the hilarious articles about British Brides worrying you will schedule your wedding the same day as their’s taking away their “princess” day combined with the SNL Weekend Update comment “A women in Ohio yelled at her cat, Kate Middleton ruined Thanksgiving!” is too hilarious. Oh Kate, you are adorable! I think you’ll make a great princess but first you are a bride and so I now must reveal my theory on brides.

Theory: When a man proposes and places an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand (hey just speaking for Western culture here!) a gene that is dormant is awakened. This gene causes:

1) Memory Loss

2) A 1-2 exsistence of the “Princess” Complex, which is akin to the God complex men suffer from but basically means they feel they have license to order people around like… a princess. Is that really what’s in the princess etiquette handbook?

3) Amnesia of anything non-wedding related like parking tickets.

The Cure: Placing a second, circular band of gold on the fourth finger of the left hand!


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