Gleeful Gwyneth…Ramble

Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance on Glee was full of a huge range of emotions, a bit of bullying from a character named Cameo- an attractive version of Biggie, and most of all fun. Last night’s Glee was a lot of fun, it still moved the plot along with Jane Lynch’s Sue character taking her role as principal, firing and rehiring staff and the kids feeling heard.

I absolutely loved when GP’s Holly Holiday substitute teacher performed “All That Jazz” with Lea Michelle. It was pure glow, pure enjoyment of glam but the I also loved the introduction of her character who uses pop culture to get through to kids. She asked her Spanish class (en Espanol claro que si) if they knew how many times Lindsay Lohan had been in rehab. HA! How much fun did creator Ryan Murphy have with this episode? Tons! Thanks Team Glee you make me wanna gleek out!

If you missed it and you still wanna get a taste click here!

p.s. Just like other Glee favorite hits, the songs are ready for purchase on iTunes in the U.S.A.


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