Get Your Shop On….Ramble

The Bargain Hunter

As “Black Friday” approaches there are rumors of leaked circulars with $3 dollar electronics and goodies a plenty. Remember when the Walmart employee got trampled during Black Friday specials? Shopping is scary at this time of year. My friend and I did a pre-emptive strike this weekend hitting up Woodbury Commons.

We had been planned to go there prior to the chick who tried to oust Serena on “Gossip Girl” confessing to Nate her lack of financial resources meant her designer clothes were from Woodbury Commons. Oh the tragedy cause honey when you are wearing a DVF to “diiiiie for” sweater at a 1/3 or less of the cost, it makes it sparkle a bit more and laugh at the fools who are dumb enough to pay full price for it.

Bargains were a plenty but even at 40% everything -new, sale, and just arriving at French Connection, we were told that’s just the tip of the iceberg. No need to get all “Titanic” and drown, get ready to bargain. Uber cool Chloe had huge discounts. I stuck to sales racks on the sides and found not only 50% off, the sales girl was able to “only give another 5% off that” when I found a few stiches (already sewn up!) had come undone. This is the most shopping I have done since the recession and truly found it a relief.

Normally Lululemon is a brand I just shake my head at with all the soccer moms who spend money on over-priced yoga wear, however with items going for 35% of their original prices you can bet I’m sporting a few upgraded workout shirts.

Stores to avoid: Tory Burch (unless you like being elbowed) and Chanel (there were less than 20 items!)

Highlights: DVF! We were on the way to the car and just couldn’t resist a quick peak. It was worth going to WC just for DVF alone. Neiman Marcus Last Call and Missoni were also full of fabulosity.

Tip: Head to the information center in the Food Court at the start of the day to get coupons. Bring your own lunch cause the food court is a nightmare worse than any of the stores.

My friend Betty teases me about my need to cleanse when new items come into my closet. It’s a cleanse and one that I haven’t been able to do on a hardcore basis in a while. I’ve been hanging on to clothes a lot longer than when they are donateable trying to conserve money and ride out this recession storm. A little sunshine has come my way so once these lovely new additions made it into the closet including a Chanel-like puff sleeved white wool jacket from French Connection (swoon, yeah I’m swooning over new clothes. I need to meet some quality men!) I took a good look and found more joy in throwing out the sweater I spilled Clorox all over while doing laundry last week and a few other items that were in quite an embarrassing state. Thank you Sunshine and thank you Woodbury Commons, where shopping dreams do come true.


The drive is fantastic now with all the leaves changing.

I'm in a New York State of Shopping!

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