The Unfriend-ing Movement…Ramble

Last week I watched the video where Jimmy Kimmel declared Nov. 17th the National Unfriend Day for Facebook. He mocked a young woman’s profile who clearly updates her status with useless information on a regular occasion and said there is no way she could really have 500+ friends.

Apparently Jimmy’s test is for you to post you are moving that weekend and need help. The people who volunteer are your true friends. I am all for what I call “Defacing” (@copyright 2010!) people on Facebook. I work in the digital realm so, like, many of my contacts, I was quick to jump on there as soon as those doors opened beyond the college realm. It can be political and in this job market allow a person to stay connected with connections on a more personal level.

The episode of “South Park” was brilliant on the pressure to be on Facebook socially, spend too much time on it and how much of a time suck it can be. However the sheer magnitude of it’s numbers makes Facebook an undeniable community.

In light of National Unfriend Day, here’s my personal policy for who to weed out and may it help those of you who find it a challenge to do so:

1) Studies show you can only really keep up with 150 “friends” accurately online. Due to the politics of the digital world and having lead a life that involves many international friends as well as a multitude of jobs (start-ups or established online brands’ longevity is never a guarantee) I have known and worked with and liked a lot of people. My personal cutoff number is 500. It frustrates me to see that number reached too often.

2) I don’t accept people I don’t know as friends even if we have 40 friends in common.

3) If we met once at a party or you painted my apartment and we’re still friends, the likelihood that you are going to remain a friend  when I’m cutting is nil. The only reason we’re still friends is that your last name probably is somewhere in the middle of the alphabet and really who has the patience or the time to make it that far when some other person who is a tenuous tie comes up before I reach your name? But I will get to you because I am skipping ahead to different letters now.

4) Names I don’t instantly recognize or people who post too often about scratching themselves or selling me something.

5) Brands. There are those tricky brands who are now your “friend” and show up there instead of in “pages” and guess what? I stay on top of that so I find you and kick you to the curb. You are taking up a spot reserved for a life form.

6) If I see it’s your birthday and I can’t be bothered to wish you a good one, then we’re not friends.

7) I respond to your hello email or vice versa, then you can’t be bothered to respond or acknowledge it.

8) If you belong to the “Tea Party” and can’t respect other people don’t share your ideas or believe in basic human rights.

9) Delete your profile all together!

Good luck. I just did a pre-emptive cull since I was once again at 505 and now down to 498– room to grow as I start a new job and more requests come my way. 🙂


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