Crush of the Week: Michael C. Hall…Ramble

Kill 'em with kindness!

Last week I saw this attractive fellow with auburn hair and some facial manscaping on the way into the airport. A few minutes later he came up next to me at the JetBlue check-in and we had a little exchange since the machines were wicked bad that day. As I was saying “good luck” and walking away I saw him entering his name as MICHAEL HALL. Yes, it was him he confirmed when I asked. Hi readers,  I don’t live in the Talent Zoo that is LA anymore so I have no problem asking someone who has entertained me for years if it’s them so I can thank them.

I told him I was having all these amazing, disturbing flashes centered on him in the most awesome way which he loved. He was then behind me on the longass security line and we made further banter. And, yes, my friends, I even subjected him to talk of Elle and her two Halloween costumes but did not turn into crazy doggie lady by not showing him photos of the hot pink “Monster” jacket I had just purchased for her at The Modern Dog in Venice.

Unfortunately though we thought we were making our flight by a song and a prayer, a little terrorist action at JFK delayed us from leaving for several hours. Despite this, Michael C. Hall remained upbeat, friendly to everyone and earned a replacement for whatever that ‘C’ stood for is now “Charming.” Even at 3:30 A.M. when we finally deplaned he had a smile on his face and was chatty, ok it was with the hot blonde on the plane but hell the man spoke to me of his cats so Dexter thank you for proving my theory once more that truly successful people are always generous with their time no matter what the situation. And, if they are not (hello a friend had the misfortune to be stuck with Harvey Weinstein in an elevator who practically demanded someone die in order for him to be saved) they are not shiny, happy people and definitely not deserving of our time! Seriously Weinstein, Michael battled the real “Big C” and he’s charming.


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