Foodies Eat Through NY…Ramble

There has been a flood of California visitors  in the NY the last six weeks. That means eating, museums and more. I really should get a tour guide license but now I just have to walk off all of the delicious food:

BROOKLYN (more than a Bridge to cross):

Roberta’s – (261 Moore Street, Bushwick, NY) Bushwick’s delicious pizza and more is not to be missed. Although the location is not ideal or obvious, like so many tucked away gems, it’s worth it. I first went here for a friend’s Christmas dinner party two 1/2 years ago. It was amazing. A recent trip for brunch offered less lumberjacks clad in plaid, but the summer leather skirts and hooker heals made up for it. Ah hipster wear! Suggestion: Meatlovers you can’t deny yourself the pleasure of ordering “Beastmaster.” Devine. Recently spotted star chowing down: Entourage’s leading man, local Adrien Grenier himself.

Mmm, I could go swimming in this jar class of ice coffee

Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar: (50 Henry St. Brooklyn Heights) Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge? Why not go a few steps further to the water & stop in for a delectable glass of wine or a champagne with a bit of St. Germain’s & lemon juice thrown in? Why am I even posing this as a question. Do it! You will be replenished and refreshed in this gem on Henry Street. The food is a bit heavy, so there are single and double portions. Go for the single & save room for dessert.

I am also a big fan of Noodle Pudding (38 Henry Street, worst moniker great food & cash only) a few doors down which serves up fresh, authentic Italian dishes. If the boar noodle special is on get it- this is an authentic dish made famous in Sienna. It’s a dinner joint.


Momofuku– (171 1st Avenue, NY, NY) as my friend “Clive Jackson” noted “the hype is worth it.” On our first attempt we actually just missed the milk bar being open and had to succumb to the sad lacking dessert menu of the main restaurant. However, Clive was not to be deterred and went back and shared with me my requested “crack pie.” New favorite dessert of all time. The cookies are divine as well. Tip: Get the compost cookie. Tip for the restaurant: Go in a big group of at least 8 so you can get  a reservation or treat yourself to take-out so you don’t have to wait 2 hours on a stormy night for a seat. Final tip: Do not leave here without trying the best pork bun you will ever eat! You can also now order treats online.

Quality Meats: (57th W. 58th Street, NY 212-371-7777) Another bad name, but damn if you are looking for a man’s place, this is the way to go. Tucked out-of-the-way, it’s not obvious and you enter to a world of Edison bulb lighting, bronzed cows and delightful Euros speaking the romance languages to whet your appetite.Fortunately, unlike Europe, there’s no smoking inside so you can fully enjoy the aromas and go gaga over your dish. We had an unreal “Lobster Cocktail” which is a full lobster served chilled with 3 sauces. I preferred the traditional over the others. No need for lobster bibs here!

Dinner is served!

The dinner menu offers up various sizing of steak from 12 oz to 24! The second item caught our eyes- 3 medallion filets each with different sauces. Can I just have a pause for the delish memory? Mmm. We also chose Tattinger’s as the way to satiate our fabulous meal. But wait, there’s more– the greatest part of dining is doing it with someone else who has slightly different ideas about sides. My benefactor ordered the Corn Creme Brulee. Now does that sound slightly odd? Well, kick my cholesterol watching butt to high heaven because this dish was scrumptious.

Minetta Tavern (113 McDougal): Transport yourself into Old Money territory in the midst of NYU Student Land. It’s a bubble of tranquility that seems isolated, but once inside, is wonderland.

If you are lucky enough to have a benefactor that wants to throw caution to the wind and spring for the $104 dollar steak with bone marrow, you will enter Steak Bliss that will last a lifetime. If not, order the $28 dollar hamburger for Burger Paradise. I’m not a big meat eater, but when in Roma, eat the specials. Live, live, live as Auntie Mame would say. The desert is not worth saving your appetite for so dig into that meat!

Need something less pricey? Head to the Lower East Side:

Zucco: Le French Diner: (199 Orchard St, NY, NY) What can I say there is a very nice owner & bartender & there’s a French Bulldog on the menu. The food is authentically French, served with an accent and is one of the other places you can order a chilled red in the city.

Bon appetite

I did, in fact meet another Frenchie owner who, after we shared photos of our Frenchies, asked if Elle was on Twitter. Her dog follows my Rocknroll_ELLE. Tres fantastique!

If you and your friend have different tastes, try hitting up Chelsea Markets for a diverse range of tastes.

Finally, though there are many places that are trendy like the Ramen phase at Immpudo, nothing made me happier than a fresh sausage roll and a traditional Aussie Meat Pie at The Tuck Shop. Now I have to get myself out for a very long walk with Elle to work off all the eating of these places. Good thing she gets me out several times a day!


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