Face-off: San Gennaro vs. Atlantic Antics…Ramble

This weekend I had another out-of-town visitor. Shocker: we did not make it to any museums. I like to cater to the needs of each guest. We did however hit two popular festivals: San Gennaro in Little Italy and Atlantic Antics in Brooklyn (on Atlantic Avenue.) Here’s how they stack up:


San Gennaro (SG) gives you a luxurious 10 days every September (this year was Sept. 16-26) to take in the smells, the fried goodies, the deep-fried Oreos, fresh cannolis and games. During San Gennaro everyone is an Italian!

Atlantic Antics takes place in the fall once a year also offering plenty of drink, food specials and lots of live entertainment. It’s only one day. This was it’s 36th annual year.

Winner: Beauty before age, the San Gennaro Festival allows visitors the time to enjoy it, plan a trip around it and it’s an internationally known NY institution. However, one day can be enough for a really great street fair. Merchants looked so worn out by midnight at SG, they were making mistakes at almost every booth we visited.



Can't wait to see this on YouTube


KT Collection= Jewelry Heaven

Winner: Atlantic Antics! While everyone loves a fist-pumping onesie, the diversity and the quality of the goods sold at Atlantic Antics is pretty solid from Dutch Country Shoo Fly Pie to hand-crafted handbags you won’t find anywhere else! My favorite jeweler, Katie of KT Collections was back, thankfully since the ring I bought from her last year ‘went missing’ aka got snatched. KT will show you cool ways that give variety to the necklaces she offers. Her booth is always surrounded by ladies drawn in by her fabulous collection. Think I’m throwing out the ‘f’ word too easily? Holla if you think two sets of earrings being featured on Chuck Bass’ dates on an upcoming episode of “Gossip Girl” is not the very definition of New York fabulous?! Seriously.

If you cant’ make it to one of KT Collection’s local NY events, use the power of your mouse to get it right here.


SG: You will hear the stereotypical I-talian classics.

AA: Hipster bands take small stages as well as belly dancers.

Winner: This one is a tie. You can’t lose either way for amusement and quality.


SG: A picture is worth 1000 words.

Gym. Tan. Cannoli. Done!

AA: The newly launched Brooklyn Winery. You live out your Lucy  dreams of stomping your own grapes.Though my friend and I gave them some tips, we also teased Mr. MBA he needs to pay us for on-the-spot consultation. The only drawback my friends is their location in Williamsburg. Could that feel any less authentic?

Winner: Marketing instant winner has to be SG. While I’m all about the wine and would love to make my own, the instant gratification of laughing and then of course, ordering a cannoli is irresistible.

Overall winner is the San Gennaro Festival, however Atlantic Antics is the one I prefer for the diversity, the wider room of Atlantic Avenue and the variety of goodies on offer. Either way, you can’t lose and best of all because San Gennaro is ten days long, you don’t have to!


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