WIE Symposium..aka are you fabulous? …Ramble

The WIE Symposium held its first annual conference today, in fact it’s still going on while I write it up. The astounding $500 ticket price lead me to volunteer. Somehow they knew to put me with talent. Up, down, up, down chase the panelists all over the building. Oh goodie.

While schedules were incorrect, gift bags short and direction lacking, the panelists were such an incredible group of women I quickly undid a snafu for panelist Katherine Schwarzenegger. Her “people” were very nice.

Since I only got to hear snippets of the conference here and there (oh how I love you Nora Ephron, my seven sister’s school high five to you) so you’ll have to hit up Twitter for more speaking comments. I’d search for the always entertaining @CindyGallop founder of IfWeRanTheWorld.com .

My day entailed chasing and then checking in VIPS like the fabulous make-up guru Bobbi Brown and trying hard to hear what Diane Von Furstenberg was saying in an on-camera interview.

The fabulous outfits on women in attendance offered such a variety of fashion it was a wonderful celebration of color. Some of the VIPS included a Baronness, A Queen, A Princess– and under the column function “Of Sweden”; the very tall and wondrously humble former supermodel Christy Turlington looking very serious in a dull grey suit. I was absolutely smitten with amazing laugher Elizabeth Banks but of course, the best geek moment was breathing the same air as Melinda Gates. I felt a little taller and wiser as she was whisked through the green room.

Now, for you Real Housewives fans…seriously, you didn’t know I could combine my love of all things digital, women empowerment and the Real Housewives, did ya? Well YA got Jill Zarin- of Zarin Fabrics-go see Bobby at the store, to thank for that. She is so thin now it seems a little unnatural on her and I imagine without the show perhaps she’d still fabulous but slightly more like her frumpalicious sister who I had not one, but two she-wishes-D-list moments with– seriously. Jill Zarin was not on the VIP list my friends. Oh no, she talked her way into the Green Room. Then all the people working the event were questioning who this Faux Celeb in our midst was and I was the one with the answer, putting my countless hours of Bravo addiction to good use for a change. I was more than nonpulsed to be on the receiving end later by Jill’s “before” representation in her sister. Egads Jill why don’t you get her a decent haircut at least? Meow! The claws come out rrrr!!! Someone must have twittered about it because then even the models who showed up for the VIP Fashion Show now-in-progress wanted to get people “on the list.” Sweethearts, are you for real?

Another fabulous conference over and out and I’m exhausted! I will find a nap seriously empowering in 5, 4, 3, 2………..zzzzzzzz


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