Ding Dong Staub is Gone…Ramble

Last night was the second and final (really people do we need this much RH?) extended reunion of The Real Housewives of The Dirty Jers.

What did we learn?

-Caroline and Danielle will never be friends.

-Jacqueline realizes she looked like an idiot on camera this season.

-Teresa finally got a hold of her attitude and had a normal, decent exchange with Danielle which lead to Danielle hugging both her, then Jacqueline.

-Danielle’s hugs are uncomfortable and come with promises.

-Kim G likes to dress like she is at the Prom. She appeared as a ‘surprise’  in a turquoise dress with roses as the sleeves to answer allegations from Danielle and the other ladies that she is a shit stirrer as opposed to Sonja Morgan from the New York cast who is “straw the stirs the drink.” I’ll take Sonja any day. She’s a lot more fun.

And finally, although it was teased as Jacqueline, Bravo posted on their blog today the cast member leaving per Andy Cohen is Staub. She’s dunzo with Camp Manzo making my predication on that one correct. I see an infusion of new castmates that are not related to the Manzo Clan. Dina returning is not a sure thing in my eyes.

In any case we’ll all just have to ‘watch what happens.’ 🙂 (p.s. for those asking, sorry I’m not watching the DC clan and probably won’t watch BH Housewives either. I’m reading a lot more these days and losing interest in people screaming at one another.)


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